Patent Technology To Revolutionize Smart Textiles

The patent technology from Sensing Tex is a unique combination of the most advanced available materials of electronic inks and pastes which are flexible, elastic and can be printed on materials with special surface preparations are used to construct complex passive and active electronic systems. The technologies are based on organic printed electronics.

Sensing Tex technology can be integrated in any type of material or other technologies under exclusive or shared licence. The technology can be applied by using completely standard weaving, printing, lamination and impregnation techniques which maintain the original properties of the material such as the flexibility, elasticity, comfort, the possibility to be washed, etc.


Main differentiating characteristics

  • By using only one coat of material, the textile remains lighter, thinner, more flexible, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other solutions using other technologies.
  • The possibility to combine different materials with different properties – pressure, light or temperature – in the same textile.
  • Use of the textile sector’s standard machinery and techniques allows the use of multiple manufacturers leading to larger production capacity, shorter production times and greater possibility for cost reduction.
  • Maximum flexibility for circuit design, since with the application of electronic inks our technology is not limited by a certain type of weaving machinery or process that would limit circuit design options in less advanced technologies.



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