Sensing Tex consists of a multi-skilled technological and management team. Our mission is to devise, create, and integrate textile intelligent patent solutions in order to make our clients more competitive. We visualize becoming the market leader in Sensing Mats. Our team operates on the values of commitment to success, teamwork, customer results oriented and innovation



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Miguel founded the company and became Chief Executive Officer in 2010. He served as the co-founder of three companies in the field of engineering and technology.  Holding over seventeen years of experience in the business of textile and electronic technology, Mr. Ridao is an inventor, holds some patents, has lectured worldwide, published several articles, and has won several awards at both technology and business level. On top of Mr. Ridao's achievement of receiving many high degrees (UPC, Barcelona Spain 2006); (UB, Barcelona Spain 2003); (FH Reutlingen Germany 1999); (UPC, Barcelona Spain 1998), he has acquired academic training completed specifically within the field of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. This training was done at the business schools of IESE Business School (Learning to Grow Executive Program) and La Salle Business School (Start Up Catalonia Program)



Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Luis founded the company and was appointed the Chief Technical Officer in 2010. He holds Bachelor Degrees in Textile Science and Computer Science. He joined the R&D Department of ENTEC in 2007, where he participated in various R&D projects in the textile sector. In 2005, Mr. Gomez served as CTO to Punto Roma Group, a company dedicated to production tracking. Before serving as CTO, Mr. Gomez joined the Department of Programming and Technical Assistance; he created and directed the department of training and development of new products based on a new Seamless Technology. He remained in the company for five years starting his professional career in 2000. 


Director of Research & Development

Elkin is an Electronics Engineer with high level of expertise in circuit design from different abstraction levels, going from high level complex circuits down to electronic component design. Elkin studied the Engineering in the Universidad de los Andes Colombia (2007), he holds Msc on Nano and Microelectronics by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2010) and he holds PhD in Microelectronics and Microelectronic Systems by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2013). His PhD research was focused in the characterization of inkjet printed microelectronic circuits. He participated in the CI-Brazil Program (2008), in the Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit design course.  Actually, he is Research and Development Director in SensingTex, developing the hardware and firmware for the data acquisition systems of Sensing Tex. His research interest are related with Printed Electronics and Microelectronics circuit design.


Director of Textiles

Francisco holds a Bachelor Science of Textiles by Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (1996). Francisco spent over the last 21 years of his professional career involved in manufacturing and production of all kind of products within the textile industry. He has received parallel training in Project Management, Quality Control and Production Methods. Actually he is Director of Textiles in Sensing Tex developing and in charge of production of Pressure Sensor Tex Design, simulation, production and assembly processes.



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