Develop your Software projects with us and make them smart with our Hardware Platforms

The Sensing Software Platforms by Sensing Tex is a unique end-to-end system which provides customizable features to adapt to your specifications. The platform has been developed from scratch based edge computing, cloud computing and on the patented technology of Sensing Tex to measure pressure patterns

The platform allows the user to measure pressure from different points of view:

Biosignal Tracking

Movement Analysis

Postural and Presence Detection

The Sensing Software Pñlatforms and the Sensing Mat Platform by Sensing Tex have been used for hundreds of projects to detect, track and analyze sensing patterns.


Monitor the patients creating products to make their lives easier and safer based on the Sensing Mat Platform. Facilitate the tasks of the physicians and families to remotely take care of the patients ensuring a suitable attention collecting pressure maps data, sending it to the cloud and identifying patterns to highlight the best response every time.


Track and enhance high performance training or just have fun with exergaming products developed from the Sensing Mat Platform in combination of high resolution pressure mapping and advanced software tools to analyze performance.


Use the outstanding Sensing Mat Platform to monitor and promote healthy habits taking advantage of the big data analysis collected by the platform and customized the different hardware and software elements to develop your own product.

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