Helping to enhance life quality and assistance of Covid -19 Patients

A call-to-action from Sensing Tex to work together on a connected care solution addressing the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations

We at Sensing Tex believe that it is part of our responsibility to be collaborating with other enterprises, working together to address the immediate and long-term impact of COVID-19 on society. This is an open invitation to collaborate on our joint proposal to federal and provincial governments to deploy a connected care solution enabling remote triaging of COVID-19 cases and provide telemedicine services to those in isolation

We can track symptoms of COVID-19 in bed by using our NON-INVASIVE and SEAMLESS Sensing Mat Platform

Respiration Rate Detection issues over time:

COVID-19 is specifically a lower-respiratory tract infection, unlike the flu or a cold, which are upper-respiratory issues

Cough Detection issues over time:

Cough caused by COVID-19 is also likely to have distinct latent features, these distinct latent features can be exploited to train a domain aware AI engine to differentiate COVID-19 caused cough from non-COVID-19 and its evolution

Actigraphy detection issues:

The Monitoring human rest/activity cycles of COVID -19 patients as a non-invasive method of

improving the evolution of the patient recovery


Our stretchable circuit tech allows us to make other sensors like: Heart Beat, Temperature, moisture sensing among others

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