After the delivery of the order, you should have received in your email a link to a Dropbox folder with a Developer Guide, APIs, software and all the necessary information to program your application.

You can download the Data Sheet of the Development Kit by clicking on the “DATA SHEET” in any product page Description.

The data from the pressure maps is exported in CSV format, which can be opened with Excel, our own Demo Software or any program that allows to open this kind of files. Ultimately, these files are the input to develop your own applications and detect the needed patterns.

With the Kit you will receive the Kit with an integrated sensor, the electronic units for the modules and a concentrator and a transportation bag.

You can recognize different level of pressures due to the analog behavior of the sensor. If you want to check specific resistivity patterns vs pressure, please download the Data Sheet.

The Mattress Matt is based on standard customer requirements. A customized solution is normally the expected outcome for your industrial order. Please, do not hesitate to contact our engineer team.

We can design almost anything you can imagine, from big area sensor mats to high resolution small area pressure sensors. Contact us and you will have the solution you need.

You can develop the application you want. Our clients have developed mats for sleep monitoring, gait analysis, floor exercises, pattern recognition and a lot of different uses.

You can recognize not only the body parts that are touching the mat but also the pressure of each one.

Since our system can be connected to any available device via BLUETOOTHT or USB, you can add the mat data and use it with any other information. You can use it with videos or images of the exercises. You can also show the user how to do the exercise and be able to know and notify the user what he/she is doing it. You can overlap with real-time images from a camera.

Sensor resolution sets the way you get the information and the smoothness with which the patterns will be recognized. The Flooring Mat Platform has 256 sensor points in a 47x47cm area, which is enough for most flooring applications. If you need more resolution or you want to get a better user experience, we can design higher resolution mats (with ~2000 points), so unique prints and smoother patterns can be recognized.

Yes, Sensing Mats Development Kits are only a designed sample; we can build mats based on the size you request.

Yes, for example the Fitness Mat Development Kit integrates the sensor feature in some high quality fitness materials. The sensor system is slim enough to get inside most of materials.

The Sensing Mats are designed so that it can be connected to any device. It can be connected to an Android, Windows8, Windows10, iOS (IPhone/IPad/MAC). A wide range of Apps can be developed for this mat.

Yes, for example the Flooring Mat Platform can integrate non-intrusive biosensors. For example, heart rate, respiration rate, and proximity sensors, among others. We can integrate lighting and some other actuators by request.

We can design almost anything you can imagine, from big area sensor mats to high resolution small area pressure sensors. Contact us and you will have the solution you need.

You can develop any application which requires ON/OFF behavior, from simple presence detection to keypads integrated in clothing and furniture or stand-alone stretchable keypads to connect and control electronic devices.

You can recognize only the existence of pressure on the Sensor, if you require to measure different levels of pressure we suggest to have a look at our other products of the Sensing Mat Platform.

Main Competitive Advantages

  • Our own Patented Technology

That allows us to print high quality sensors on any type of platform. What offers our products high flexibility and precision.

  • Easy Installation

No installation work is required; simply place the Mattress Mat on a Mattress. Make sure it covers the mattress.

  • Fast Prototyping

We make sure to follow the Project Phases quickly.

  • Maximum Customization

Our Sensing Platforms are fully customizable. For example the size, the type of the fabric, the number of sensors, …

  • Easy Maintenance

It is very unlikely for the system to become damaged. However, the cost will be made feasible to replace it. No installation work is necessary.

  • Modular System

To assure fast response and flexible configuration of the modules.

Project Phases

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