The Greatest Way To Do Your Exercise


The Fitness Mat Development Kit is designed for those who want to make smart products for fitness and wellness applications. This Development Kit will allow you to evaluate the Fitness Mat and fix your specific requirements for your final system, including integration requirements.






Your Virtual Personal Trainer

Fitness Mat is like having a personal trainer at your service. This could be the best way to do exercise correctly, so you can get the most out of your trainning. The sensors are integrated between two layers of high quality materials, without noticing any different aspect.

Easy Installation

There is no installation work required; simply place the Fitness Mat on the floor, connect it to your Tablet, Phone or PC and begin your favorite exercise.

Easy Maintenance

To keep it clean, you can use any standard products. It doesn’t require any specific treatment. Nonetheless, it is very unlikely for the system to become damaged.


Since the system compares the pressures in several points throughout an extensive sensoring matrix, this could further the development to lead an advanced algorithm, considering a person’s weight to distinguish between normal and risky body positions.

Easy to Use

The Fitness Mat can be rolled up and be completely portable. The appearance is similar to a yoga fitness mat due to the high quality materials used in creating this fitness product.  


The Fitness Mat Development Kit

Sensing Tex is aware of each specific customer need for the Fitness Mat, considering the size, aspect, sensor area variations and wired or wireless solution for the data analysis, etc.

The Fitness Mat business model is based on the development of a final product with Sensing Tex through collaboration and partnership, licensing technology and creating an exploitation agreement.




Which kind of applications can be developed with Fitness Mat?

You can add all the exercises you want. Our clients have developed mats for yoga, floor exercises, pattern recognition and a lot of different sports.

Can I recognize movements of the user or only the position?

You can recognize not only the body parts that are touching the mat but also the pressure of each one. For example, the Fitness Mat can count pushups (hands and feet in the same position but with different forces during the exercise).

Can I improve the user experience?

Since our system can be connected to any available device via BT or USB, you can add the mat data and use it with any other information. You can use it with videos or images of the exercises. You can also show the user how to do the exercise and be able to know and notify the user what he/she is doing it. You can overlap with real-time images from a camera.

Is Fitness Mat only for professional athletes?

The Fitness Mat is created  for everyone who enjoys the practice of physical exercise.

What is the resolution of the Fitness Mat?

Sensor resolution sets the way you get the information and the smoothness with which the patterns will be recognized. Fitness Mat has 256 sensor points in a 47x47cm area, which is enough for most of yoga or fitness uses. If you need more resolution or you want to get a better user experience, we can design higher resolution mats (with ~2000 points), so unique prints and smoother patterns can be recognized.

Can I have a different size mat?

Yes, the Fitness Mat Development Kit is only a designed sample, we can build mats based on the size you request.

Can I integrate the sensor feature into my mat?

Yes, the Fitness Mat Development Kit integrates the sensor feature in some high quality fitness materials. The sensor system is slim enough to get inside most of fitness materials.

Can Fitness Mat be connected to my IPhone?

The Fitness Mat is designed so that it can be connected to any device. It can be connected to an Android, Windows8, Windows10, iOS (IPhone/IPad/MAC). A wide range of Apps can be developed for this mat, which allows you to socially connect with other users, comparing your training.

Can Fitness Mat be integrated with some other devices?

Yes, the Fitness Mat can integrate non-intrusive biosensors. For example, heart rate, respiration rate, and proximity sensors, among others. We can integrate lighting and some other actuators by request.

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