How we Work

Hands-on framework to guide you to successful projects

Engineering Support And Advising

We are committed to guide you to get a successful solution for your application. So our Product Development team can become yours in case you need it.

Sensing Tex service concept includes different tasks. We will carry out for you, from designing of the whole solution, Materials Selection, Engineering Support, Project Management and Integration Advise to guarantee the correct interaction. All of it between the different elements and suppliers involved in the end to end solution to avoid failures.

All these activities can be supplied individually or as a full package to adapt to the customer needs.

Project Phases

Based on Standard Sensing Tex Dev Kits as a cost-effective starting point to get familiarity with the possibilities of our platform. We assure we guide the customer, to do different approaches from their basic requirements. All of it in order to identify the best customization roadmap to fulfill the customer application expectations.

The Sensing Mat Dev Kits are designed to explore the capabilities of the Sensing Mat Platform to cover different application scopes like Bedding, Seating or Flooring. As Development Kits they include all the hardware and software needed to be functional and provide the knowledge of the basics as a first step to be developed under your customization requirements in following phases.

Customization of the Sensing Mat Dev Kit is carried out in order to provide the most suitable prototype to the customer requirements to be tested. The key for success in this phase is a clear definition of the application scope and the mandatory requirements of the product.

As an end to end company, Sensing Tex is able to customize all the elements of the system from the Sensing Mat parameters (size, shape, sensing area, number and size of sensor spots, sensor response, etc..), the electronic module (size, components distribution and features, wired and wireless connectivity, power supply/batteries, firmware, etc…) and the software (look & feel, features, pressure mapping layouts, etc…).

The cost of prototyping is significantly higher versus the Dev Kit (see the price point evolution in the graphic below) since the process of customization implies allocating resources to design, manufacture and test as well as and setting up and tooling different components of our patented technology. This cost can be diluted into later stages once the product reaches market production phases.

Taking advantage of all the feedback obtained after the tests carried out by the customer the Beta prototype should be developed to improve the features of the alpha prototype and provide enhances focused on correcting features to get the most efficient design to successfully move towards production.

It is key to get a cost-effective success in this phase to have identified accurately the application needs and requirements so that the Beta prototype will not require major investments in correcting the lacks of the alpha prototype product.

As explained above, Sensing Tex provides a deep understanding of the manufacturing process to provide advice on how to optimize the product in order to get the most efficient and cost-effective configuration to assure success in production phases.

Once we get this stage, the product is ready to be manufactured at production scale although in the Sensing Tex methodology we provide an intermediate stage with a limited number of units to test the process end-to-end and assure the quality standards.

Once the product has been successfully introduced in the market or tested by early adopters, Sensing Tex would be able to build a long term relationship providing advice in different aspects like product development or O&M Support, manufacturing the products at any scale and licensing the technology to the customer in order to build a flexible long term relationship model.

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