The flexibility of Pressure Sensor Tex (PST) creates the best solution for the integration into mats, upholstery, covers, sheets, etc. This technology allows the development of products in many sectors such as health, wellness, fitness, automation, automotive, industry and security among others.

The New Generation Of Pressure Measurement Sensors




Pressure Sensor Tex (PST) is based on a patent technology using proprietary conductive inks to create stretchable, thin, film pressure sensitive textiles. Sensing Tex manufacturing technology provides customization resulting in conductive inks aplying in any pattern. This allows a pressure sensing element of any shape which follows the form and flow of the textile. The surface of the fabric is thus transformed into a textile area with sensing properties.

The specific combination of materials and techniques allows the creation of a textile capable of measuring multi-touch pressure sensing. This property is used in a wide variety of textile based sensing products in a range of markets that require Pressure Mapping or heat pressure maps.

Sensing Tex offers feasibility and development services for textile based sensing products with its Software Development Kit (SDK): an electronic module with enough inputs to be connected with any of our Pressure Sensor standard samples. The SDK is a data acquisition system that allows real-time pressure maps and logging the pressure data of sensors. PST sensors can be connected by Bluetooth® or USB.

The SDK and PST allow you to boost your projects and be able to work with quick prototyping.




Sensing Tex offers a wide variety of market applications based on its Pressure Sensor Tex product:

Sensor Mats for Carpets: This Sensor Mat can be used in carpets and rugs for people tracking and counting systems (this is an effective solution for counting people entering and exiting events, conferences, shops, malls, and any venue where attendance or throughput information is important). It can be used as well as presence sensor mats, gaming mats, home automation mats, exercise mats (Please ask for our Fitness Mat Dev Kit), etc.

Sensor Mats for Covers: It can be used in healthcare applications such as pressure ulcer prevention (please ask for Seating Mat Dev Kit or Mattress Mat Dev Kit), postural movement analysis, or it can be used as part of the upholstery to monitor the occupation of seats, control panels, positioning, etc. The technology can be integrated into transport systems to collect passenger usage data.



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