Floor Mat Dev Kit

Floor Mat Dev Kit



The Floor Mat Dev Kit allows you to test the Sensing Mat Platform for flooring applications. The Dev Kit comes with all the elements (Sensing Mat, Electronic Module, software and accessories) needed to plug and play the kit and starts getting familiar with the platform.


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Terms & Conditions

Sensing Tex commercialized development kits require a careful handling according to the provided instructions. Therefore, any manipulation, modification or transformation applied to Sensing Tex commercialized material dev kits which do not match the standard existing protocols also given to the clients, or which are not strictly authorized by Sensing Tex, will cause an invalid existing product operation warranty, and Sensing Tex will not be responsible for any damage to the product or malfunction.

Terms & Conditions


Which kind of applications can be developed with Floor Mat?

You can add all the exercises you want. Our clients have developed mats for yoga, floor exercises, pattern recognition and a lot of different sports.

Can I recognize movements of the user or only the position?

You can recognize not only the body parts that are touching the mat but also the pressure of each one.

Can I improve the user experience?

Since our system can be connected to any available device via BT or USB, you can add the mat data and use it with any other information. You can use it with videos or images of the exercises. You can also show the user how to do the exercise and be able to know and notify the user what he/she is doing it. You can overlap with real-time images from a camera.

Can I have a different size mat?

Yes, the Floor Mat Development Kit is only a designed sample, we can build mats based on the size you request.

Can I integrate the sensor feature into my mat?

Yes, the Floor Mat Development Kit integrates the sensor feature in some high quality fitness materials. The sensor system is slim enough to get inside most of fitness materials.

Can Floor Mat be connected to my IPhone?

The Floor Mat is designed so that it can be connected to any device. It can be connected to an Android, Windows8, Windows10, iOS (IPhone/IPad/MAC). A wide range of Apps can be developed for this mat, which allows you to socially connect with other users.

Can Floor Mat be integrated with some other devices?

Yes, the Floor Mat can integrate non-intrusive biosensors. For example, heart rate, respiration rate, and proximity sensors, among others. We can integrate lighting and some other actuators by request.