Switch Sensor Tex Dev Kit

Switch Sensor Tex Dev Kit



Switch Sensor Tex Dev Kit converts any fabric or textile backing onto a switch to detect presence/touch. The Dev Kit comes with all the elements (Sensing Mat, Electronic Module, Software and Accessories) needed to plug and play the kit and starts getting familiar with the platform.

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Terms & Conditions

Sensing Tex commercialized development kits require a careful handling according to the provided instructions. Therefore, any manipulation, modification or transformation applied to Sensing Tex commercialized material dev kits which do not match the standard existing protocols also given to the clients, or which are not strictly authorized by Sensing Tex, will cause an invalid existing product operation warranty, and Sensing Tex will not be responsible for any damage to the product or malfunction.

Terms & Conditions


Which part number we should order if we want to test a Switch Sensor Tex Dev Kit?

Switch Sensor Tex Dev Kit as stated. No other item is required to test the solution since everything is included.

The available size of the Pressure Sensor does not fit exactly with our needs. What can we do?

The Switch Sensor Tex provided are based on standard customer requirements. A customized solution is normally the expected outcome for your application order. Please, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.

Is it possible to connect a Switch Sensor Tex bassed keyboard to another device?

Yes. The Switch Sensor Tex can be connected to laptops, tablets and other handheld devices.