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Sensing Tex collaborates with leading research institutes and technology companies throughout Europe under the EU’s research and innovation framework programs. Our goal is to achieve development and mature technologies within Sensing Mats for the mutual benefit of project partners. Ultimately to improve European competitiveness and employment.

Sensing Tex has been involved currently in five R&D EU projects and three National R&D projects. For further information, observe the following project descriptions below.





Tool Design Kit for Printed Electronics is a specific Targeted Research Project funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme.

The goal of Technology & Design Kit for Printed Electronics (TDK4PE) is to set a fundamental change in the way printed electronics (PE) are designed and manufactured in Europe.



HARKEN's project objective is to measure both variables in a nonintrusive manner in a environment of vibrations and user movements, by means of smart materials embedded in the seat cover and the safety belt of the car.

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PUMA project strives to develop a novel portable and non-invasive system to prevent and early detect the risk of Pressure Ulcer (PU) development and revert its onset at Tetraplegic Spinal Cord Injured (T-SCI) individuals relying on wheelchairs, based on the control and improvement of tissue viability.

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Large Area Pressure Sensors for Mats (LAPS) aims to establish technology for large area textile sensitive mats. This includes the hardware and firmware to monitor and track static and dynamic postural analysis using software, applications and evaluation of data in the Cloud.

This Project has been developed thanks to the funding of MINETUR.

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SecondSkin will develop the technology required and its integration for a full range of new high stretchable sensors-based applications in Wellness and Health Care.

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