A Revolucionary Pressure Ulcer Prevention System

The Seating Mat by Sensing Tex is a modular system for ulcer prevention in reduced mobility persons. The sensor mat provided allows the detection of non uniform pressures in a certain surface (e.g cushion, mattress) which for a long time could end up making skin ulcers.



An accurate monitoring of the pressure will allow to generate alarms or other way of interacting with the monitored person (or personal taking care of him/her) to reduce the risk due to large periods of pressure in a certain parts of the body. All bed-bound and chair-bound persons or those whose ability to reposition easily is impaired have high risk of pressure ulcers.

The Seating Mat Development Kit will improve the monitoring of special pressure points that are sensitive to ulcers as sacrum, ischium, trochanters, heels, elbows and the back of the head.




About Seating Mat Dev Kit

A non intrusive system

The sensors can be integrated on top or under an existing cushion or mattress. The sensor area will be packed accordingly to customer requirements; for instance, in a textile cover or, in the worst case, in a plastic cover. The possibility to avoid the use of plastic covers increase the feeling of transparent system to the user.

Easy Installation

No installation work is required; simply place the Presure Tex at a chosen point. Make sure it covers the area you want to monitor.

Easy Maintenance

It is very difficult that the system getsdamaged and the cost makes feasible just a replacement of it. No installation work is necessary.

Modular System

To monitor larger areas (e.g mattress), two Pressure Tex systems may be needed.


The system can be used in articulated beds. The first generation of the sensor is a textile flexible sensor. The second generation is stretchable.


Since the systems compare pressures in several points through an extensive sensoring matrix, further development could lead to advanced algorithms considering person’s weight to distinguish between normal and risky body positions.


 Seating Mat Development Kit

The PrevUlcer Cover Development Kit is a quick prove of concept to test the possibilities of our Sensing Tex product. This Development Kit will allow you to evaluate our solution and fix your specific requirements for your final system including integration requirements.

For instance, after evaluation of our solution, customer may require a fully integrated solution for a mattress size instead of a two-parallel Pressure Tex solution. In the case of a cushion, shape and size may be a final customer requirement for a customized Sensing Tex solution.



Which part number we should order if we want to test a mattress size solution?

As a quick solution two sensor parts and two SDKs can be combined using special software integrating both data. Please contact our engineering team to check availability of this Software.


The available size of the Pressure Tex does not fit exactly with our needs. What can we do?

The PrevUlcer Mat Development Kit is based on standard customer requirements. A customized solution is normally the expected outcome for your industrial orders. Do not hesitate to contact our engineer team.


I need more resolution in my measurements, is it possible?

We can design almost anything you can imagine, from big area sensor mats to high resolution small area pressure sensors. Contact us and you will have the solution you need.



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