Our Sensing Health is a continuous monitoring

Product and Service across the Care Continuum that provides early detection

to help lower risk and improve Bedridden and Low Mobility patient while reducing costs

Sensing Health is a complete set of services that improves quality of life and care resources for low mobility and bedridden patients and care systems respectively based on the latest algorithms developed thanks to the Raw Data provided by our low cost single sensor pressure mapping system and using latest IT technology of Computer Vision, machine learning and AI

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Service


Fall Prevention Service


Bed Mat Product

Discover how to prevent ulcers and falls with our Bed Mat for Bedridden patients

Seat Mat Product

Discover how to prevent pressure sores of Wheelchair patients among other seating issues

Floor Mat Product

Discover how to prevent and detect falls, send alarms when leaving spaces and prevent wondering among other issues with our Floor Mat

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