Sensing Health is a software as a service solution based on the latest algorithms developed thanks to the Raw Data provided by our low cost single sensor pressure mapping system and using latest IT technologies of Computer Vision, machine learning and AI

Sensing Health enables the hospital’s caregivers to make data driven decisions to prevent the formation of pressure injuries and to prevent the occurrence of falls.

Sensing Health is a continuous monitoring Solution

across the Care Continuum that provides Pressure Injury & Falls Prevention

A Low Cost Solution to improve Bed Ridden And Low Mobility Patient’s lives

The Sensing Health Family

The Sensing Health ecosystem includes solutions for hospital patient bedrooms, wheelchair users, and solution for smart home monitoring.

The Sensing Health Software

Get clear visibility of what’s happening on your hospital beds, receive alerts to attend patients and needs and more!

Sensing Health Architecture overview

The Sensing Health solutions is powered by 3 main elements:

The Sensing Health Software: a complete software solution powered by latest AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Sensing Health is capable of giving positioning information based on data captured by the sensing mat platform (amongst others)

The Sensing Hub: The Sensing Hub is the smart Edge Computing solution designed to provide data analytics and interpretation at the edge. The Sensing Hub connects to one or more Sensing Mat platform and embeds our developed software solutions

The Sensing Mat: Sensing Tex’s flagship platform is a stretchable and flexible data capturing set of sensors that can be seamlessly integrated in any device and piece of furniture of a patient room

The Sensing Hub

The new Sensing Hub is a Health HUB powered by RPI that integrates advanced Software (AI, ML & CV) to analyze the Raw Data from the Sensing Mat Platform at the edge. The Sensing Hub powered by Sensing Tex’s software solutions can leverage the data from the Sensing Mat systems to provide solutions across different industries.

Integrating Latest AI and Machine Learning

We have conducted successful machine learning tests to reposition patients to avoid falls and pressure injuries occurrences. We offer co-creation services for pilot partners to keep on perfecting our learning algorithms.