Bedding Mat Platform 


The Bedding Mat Platform is a product ecosystem developed for multiple applications for body pressure in bed. It can be used in health and wellness for bedding applications, such as measure and monitor patient position, evaluate patient comfort, identify pressure on risk areas and measure the position for wellness purposes among other applications as a Point of Sales System to recommend the most suitable composition of a mattress to fulfill customer sleeping needs .

The main application of this Mattress Mat in is to prevent ulcers for people with reduced mobility. The sensor mat allows the detection of non-uniform pressures in certain mattress surface, overtime resulting in skin ulcers. An accurate monitoring of the pressure will allow alarms to be generated to reduce the risk due to large periods of pressure in certain parts of the human body. All bed-bound and chair-bound people or those who have impaired ability to reposition easily may have a high risk of pressure ulcers.

The Mattress Mat Dev Kit monitors pressure points within the body that are sensitive to ulcers, specifically to the sacrum, ischium, trochanters, heels, elbows and the back of the head.

  • A non intrusive system The sensor Mat is integrated on top of the mattress in a cover. The sensor area will be packed accordingly to customer requirements.
  • Easy Installation

    No installation work is required; simply place the Mattress Mat on a Mattress. Make sure it covers the mattress.

  • Easy Maintenance

    It is very unlikely for the system to become damaged. However, the cost will be made feasible to replace it. No installation work is necessary.

  • Modular System

    To assure fast response and flexible configuration of the modules.

  • Flexibility

    The system can be used in articulated beds. Smooth pressure will be noticed due to articulation.

  • Precision

    Since the system compares the pressures in several points throughout an extensive sensoring matrix, this could further the development to lead an advanced algorithm, considering a person’s weight to distinguish between normal and risky body positions.

  • Which part number we should order if we want to test a mattress size solution?

    Mattress Mat Development Kit as stated above.

  • The available size of the Pressure Sensor does not fit exactly with our needs. What can we do?

    The Mattress Mat t is based on standard customer requirements. A customized solution is normally the expected outcome for your industrial order. Please, do not hesitate to contact our engineer team.

  • Is it possible to receive more resolution in my measurements?

    We can design almost anything you can imagine, from big area sensor mats to high resolution small area pressure sensors. Contact us and you will have the solution you need.

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