Sensing Tex raises new round of financing to boost Commercialization of Sensing Mats

Sensing Tex, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of Printed Electronic Textiles & Sensing Mats embedded with sensors that are capable of measuring motion, location, weight, pressure, size and shape for the Internet of Things activity trackers in sports, wellness and healthcare, has raised additional funding through a new Investor and a Shareholder Loan.

The Company has raised more than €2.6 million up to date, and the round is still open.

The new funding would be used to advance manufacturing and commercialization of Sensing Mats. Funds will also be used to produce numerous samples in several of Sensing Mats markets including Fitness, Wellness and Health and to fund the Commercial Department to boost the market of Sensing Mats product and patent portfolio.

“We are glad to announce the success of this round which will help us to grow  fast capturing the big opportunity linked with the sensing mats in the already coming big data hyperconnected IoT world.” said Miguel Ridao, CEO of Sensing Tex.

One example of a Sport application of Sensing Tex’s technology is the use of sensor embedded in Mats for tracking exercises for different Fitness Disciplines.

The new investor Urbidermis is a Smart City tech Company that belongs to Intramundana, a reputed company holding that includes companies like Santa&Cole, a global Lighting & Furniture Editor and Parc de Belloch, a reputable real estate company. The Holding will take advantage and synergy of Sensing Tex Stretchable & Conformable Electronics Based Technologies.

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