Switch Sensor Tex technology converts any fabric or textile backing onto a keyboard that is flexible, highly portable and washable. The user can incorporate a keypad directly towards sports fabrics, car interior upholsteries or stand-alone textile keyboards. They can be connected to laptops, tablets and other handheld devices.





Switch Sensor Tex is an innovative product based on a patent technology which uses electrically conductive inks printed onto textile backings.

The product consists of an area of fabric with resistive switches distributed across its surface. The number, size and distribution of switches are completely flexible. That allows any type of keyboard or control pad to be defined.

The fabric allows the keyboard to function while retaining its textile properties: flexibility, washable, elasticity, etc.

Sensing Tex offers feasibility and development services for textile based sensing products with its new SDK Development Kit. This is an electronic module with some inputs to our Pressure Sensor standard samples that includes Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Power and USB connectivity for rapid prototyping.




Sensing Tex offers a wide variety of market applications based on its Switch Sensor Tex product:

Separate Cloth Keyboards: Light and flexible, these can be used for input to Smart Phones, Tablets, handheld devices, etc.

Clothing Integrated Keypads: Easily integrated functionality to provide control of MP3s, mobiles, etc. Discrete design for everyday clothing to large functional keys for use on ski/winter jackets without removing gloves.

Keyboard integrated into upholstery or carpets: Used to control electronic functions in soft furnishings: reclining armchairs, beds, adjustable car seats, carpets and mats, etc.




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