Wear Dev Kits

PST Insole Dev Kit


The PST INSOLE DEV KIT allows the acquisition of pressure maps from the feet. The PST INSOLE sensor allows the monitoring of different 16 circular pressure spots distributed over the feet. The diameter of the sensor spot is 6mm.

PST Sensing Interface Dev Kit



Textile Element 1 KEYPAD: 114 PRESSURE SENSOR TEX 02 & KEYPAD LAYOUT. See description 114 PST 02

Textile Element 2 TRACK PAD: Textile backing: PES. Overall Size: 184,5x113,6mm. Number of Sensor Spots: 256. Layout: Matrix 16x16. Connection Zone A: 2,54 mm pitch, Resolution: 6,25mm center to center.

ELECTRONIC MODULE: 114 PST SDK 05See description above 114 PST SDK 05APPs: APIs available for developers and APPs avalaible apk as demonstrators PST Dev Key, Track Pad & Music Case

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