Helping to enhance life quality and assistance

Making life easier to those who need assistance and their families and physicians alike is becoming easier by applying a suitable technological platform in medical prevention and patients monitoring in a non-intrusive way, daily activity of patients. Specific solutions can be used to collect useful data to get a more complete view of a patient’s health. Which is ideal to offer the maximum healthcare to the patient.

The Sensing Mat Platform has been successfully applied to commercial projects in Medical environments to provide solutions to patient monitoring, ulcer prevention, postural analysis or in general to improve the patient’s healthcare, among many others.

Success Cases

Pressure Ulcer Prevention System

The client required a bedding application to monitor the patients laid on the bed. The application let the physicians to provide personalized support. All of it based on their individual pressure pattern Especially focused to the patients with limited mobility to avoid the generation of ulcers. Deployed in Hospitals in Spain, among others.

Fall Mat

The client required a simple system to detect patient falls from the bed in Hospitals in order to provide immediate assistance. When the mat detects a body on top send an alarm to the Physicians to request for help. This is for avoiding false alarms when someone is standing up on the mat. Deployed in Hospitals in the Netherlands and Germany, among others.

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