Reaching the highest level of performance in Sports

Thanks to the application of new technologies and IoT in the field of sports the possibilities to enhance performance are almost endless. Sensing Mat Platform can collect personalized data on the user’s specific movements and positions to help him understand areas of improvement or avoid potential injuries. The platform can be also applied to develop Exergaming applications for professional or amateur training as well as mass market products to simply have fun.

The Sensing Mat Platform has already been used to develop smart sport solutions to collect data about: impacts counting, center of balance, movement patterns or postural alignment among many others. What let us to appreciate the fine and thin line that separates sports with medical and healthcare applications.

Next, some few Success Cases

Professional Training Machine

The client required a fitness application to train athletes and track their progress. The application provides information about exercises execution displayed in a screen collecting data regarding number of repetitions and evaluating the quality of the execution to count the repetition or not. It has also been applied in other sports and disciplines. Deployed for professional teams in USA.

Smart Mat for Disabled Users

The client required a exergaming system to train users with brain issues in order to increase their physical coordination using exercises displayed in a TV in coordination with movements to be done on the Mat which sends the results to the software to show them on the screen. Deployed in Hospitals in Australia

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