Force Mat Platform

The Switch Mat Platform based on patented technology converts any fabric or textile backing onto a smart platform with detection sensors that is flexible, highly portable and washable. The user can incorporate a keypad directly towards sports fabrics, car interior upholsteries or stand-alone textile keyboards. They can be connected to laptops, tablets and other handheld devices.

The Switch Mat Dev Kit is an innovative product based on a patent technology which uses electrically conductive inks printed onto textile backings. The product consists of an area of fabric with resistive switches distributed across its surface. The number, size and distribution of switches are completely flexible. That allows any type of keyboard or control pad to be defined.

The fabric allows the keyboard to function while retaining its textile properties: flexibility, washable, elasticity, etc.

  • A non intrusive system The sensors can be integrated on top or under an existing cushion or mattress. The sensor area will be packed accordingly to customer requirements. For instance, in a textile cover or, in worst case in a plastic cover. The possibility to avoid the use of plastic covers will increase the feeling of transparent systems to the user.
  • Easy Installation

    No installation work is required; simply place the Pressure Tex at a chosen point. Make sure it covers the area you want to monitor.

  • Easy Maintenance

    It is very unlikely for the system to become damaged. However, the cost will be made feasible to replace it. No installation work is necessary.

  • Modular System

    To monitor larger areas, more than one system may be needed.

  • Flexibility

    There are two generational types of the system; the first generation is a textile flexible sensor and the second generation is a stretchable sensor.

  • The available size of the Sensor does not fit exactly with our needs. What should we do?

    The Switch Mat is based on standard customer requirements. A customized solution is normally the expected outcome for your industrial order. Please, check our “How we work” principles and do not hesitate to contact our engineer team.

  • Which kind of applications can be developed with the Switch Mat?

    You can develop any application which requires ON/OFF behavior, from simple presence detection to keypads integrated in clothing and furniture or stand-alone stretchable keypads to connect and control electronic devices.

  • Can I recognize different levels of pressure?

    You can recognize only the existence of pressure on the Sensor, if you require to measure different levels of pressure we suggest to have a look at our other products of the Sensing Mat Platform.

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