Mapping Sensors Technology

Deep know-how applied to reality

Patented mapping sensors technology to make smart Sensing Mats.

The patented pressure mapping technology from Sensing Tex, in which the Sensing Mats Platform is based, is a unique combination of the most advanced available materials of electronic inks and pastes which are stretchable, elastic and can be printed on materials with special surface preparations.

They are used to construct complex passive and active electronic systems. The technologies are based on organic printed electronics

The platform and its configuration allows to develop new producto applications based on pressure measuraments. As a result Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will bring to the user clear and unique benefits at a very competitive cost.

Sensing Tex mapping sensors technology can be integrated in any type of material or other technologies under exclusive or shared license.

The technology can be applied by using completely standard weaving, printing, lamination and impregnation techniques which maintain the original properties of the material such as the flexibility, elasticity, comfort and the possibility to be washed.

Sensing Tex partnership collaboration programme helps companies to take a step forward in innovation and product benefits. From the eHealth industry to the Wellness and Sports.

Sensing Tex is the perfect technology for Product Research and Developments departments, product engineering companies are Innovation Consultancies to improve and increase product value for final customer or even create new products in the market.

Our main four Key Competitive advantages are:

  • Large Area Printed Electronics
  • Stretchable, for a wide range of flexible solutions
  • Cost effective thanks to our manufacturing methodology
  • End to End solutions: from concept to reality



The printed sensors consist of a mixture of electrically conductive and nonconductive polymers suspended in a matrix sandwiched between two layers made of either silver or copper-patterned conductive inks. Sensing Tex sensors are fabricated on textile fabrics using screen printing, with a resulting thickness of 200 μm.
They are washable up to 40 cycles and are stretchable up to 50%. Depending on the layers’ compositions, the sensors can read pressures up to 700 psi. More recently, Sensing Tex has developed a capacitive sensing method. The company claims that its major differentiation is its ability to print six different layers, defect-free, over the entire area (2 m × 3 m) at a high resolution of 1 mm.


In terms of software, Sensing Tex has developed more advanced analytics for its pressure mapping, with a dedicated software team within the company. For example, for the bedding solutions, Sensing Tex can monitor 20 different positions of a person on the bed.

In addition, its technology can also perform fall detection, recognize different shapes, measure the center of pressure, and check for alignment. There is also ongoing work to explore additional features, such as expanding the biosensing capabilities or providing feedback through the products. Currently, the information is delivered through iOS or Android Bluetooth Classic, with the analytics in the cloud-based system. While the current focus is on sensing mats, next year, the company will begin working on wearable sensor products.


Sensing Tex is primarily a contract manufacturer with production facilities in Spain. The current facility is sufficient to meet the manufacturing demands, but there are plans to ramp up with partners throughout the world. Sensing Tex also employs a hybrid licensing model, where customers can either liaise directly with manufacturers or manufacture themselves. Some of these customers are also partners, for example UK-based Body Pressure Mapping.

Sensing Tex plans to focus in three different verticals: sports, wellness, and healthcare. For sports, the technology can be used to track and enhance performance. In the health and wellness space, Sensing Tex has offerings for yoga mats and mattresses for the consumer that give feedback on body posture and alignment. For healthcare, Sensing Tex has developed bedding applications that can prevent pressure ulcer formation. It has also developed a solution to detect patient falls from beds.

Main Competitive Advantages

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