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The Seating Mat dev kit 2.0 is a complete kit for developers and researchers to start working on their smart seat applications across sectors. Used as the starting point in their product development, the Dev Kit helps companies define their requirements and come back to us to create their final product. Offered at a competitive price, the Dev kit is a sold as a comprehensive set. Final product prices can decrease dramatically based on customization and volume.



Video Demo as your personal postural coach for Wheelchair users Andoird App


The Seating Mat Dev Kit recognize sensing patterns and manage captured data to provide smart solutions.

Seating Mat Main Features at a glance:

Overall Area 460×420 mm
Sensing Area 400×400 mm
Sensor Elements 400
Lycra Fabric
Bluetooth Low Energy
USB C Serial
Battery 420 mAh and Battery Level Indicator
Electronic Module
Demo Software Windows
IOS, Android  App available
Demo Codes and Developer Guide
Technical Support

For more information of the Seating Mat Dev Kit, please download the documents below:

Product Sheet


Quick Start Guide


Terms & Conditions


Developer Site


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Terms & Conditions

Tax/VAT: Adittional VAT can be charged for orders made by natural persons in the European Union.

No Return Policy: The client will not be able to return the system after the acquisition, the system is use for testing purposes of Client’s product development and Sensing Tex will not guarantee any outcome of such Research and Development

Warranty: The warranty period for the Development Kits is 60 days. Any manipulation not strictly authorized by Sensing Tex will cause an invalid warranty.

Prices: Prices quoted are Ex-Works.

More info: for more information, please click the button below to download the complete Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions


What is included in the Seating Mat Development Kit?

With the Kit you will receive a Sensing Mat with a matrix of 16×16 sensors and 320×320 mm size, two adhesive strips of Velcro to fasten the mat to the desired surface, an electronic unit to decode and send the information from the sensors, a USB cable and a transportation bag.

Can I buy the components separately?

The Development Kits are whole products and are only sold as a set. If you are and Educational Institution or a researcher, contact us and we will send you our Sensing Mat Outlet List.

The size of the mat does not fit my needs, can I order a different size of Sensing Mat?

We can customize almost every feature of the Sensing Mats: size, number of sensors, resolutions, color, textile lamination, electronic unit, etc. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of a customization is significantly higher that the one of a Development Kit, as we need to do the set-up and tooling just for you. If you want to read more about our customization process, please go to the section “How We Work” under the “About Us” header in our page.

Where can I find detailed technical information about the Development Kit?

You can download the Data Sheet of the Development Kit by clicking on the “DATA SHEET” button under the “Description” part.

Do you provide any Developer Guide?

Yes, after the delivery of the order you will receive in your email a link to a folder with a Developer Guide, APIs, software and all the necessary information to program your application.

I have a clear idea of the end application I want to develop but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

The cost of the Development Kit includes our technical support and guidance throughout the whole process of testing the platform. We will help you to define the specifications before moving to the prototyping phase in order to ensure the success of this stage.

Is the software included in the Kit?

Together with the Development Kit we provide a Demo Software to display the pressure maps measured by the Sensing Mat. The software is included to the Dropbox folder that is sent to your email after the delivery of the order.

How is data from the pressure maps exported?

The data from the pressure maps is exported in JSON format, which can be opened with Excel, our own Demo Software or any program that allows to open this kind of files. Ultimately, these files are the input to develop your own applications and detect the needed patterns.