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The past several months, the unexpected exponential spread of Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our daily lives. We had to adopt some drastic measures and routines to keep performing our daily activities and tasks whilst limiting the spread of the infection: wearing facemasks and using hand gel everywhere has become the norm and maintaining a safe distance between our loved ones and others is now required.

These new practices have also introduced new problems. As more shops and restaurants are opening their doors to customers again, keeping track of the number of customers currently in the store is proving difficult, especially in large areas.

So, how can we regulate the number of customers in a shop?

At Sensing Tex we believe facilities owners and managers can solve that problem by implementing our IoT and machine enabled Floor Mat in their areas. Using our technology in public-dense spaces such as malls and large retail areas can help control crowd sizes and therefore limit transmission of the virus.

  • Smart mats located at the entrances and exits of the stores allow an automated and anonymous non-intrusive real-time counting of customers inside
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms enable our mats to distinguish between human steps, pets and rolling carts
  • Invaluable data collection can help identify the congestion areas and design distancing strategies accordingly


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