Sensing Mat Platform

Recognize sensing patterns to capture, manage data and provide smart end-to-end solutions.

The Sensing Mat Platform by Sensing Tex is a unique end-to-end system which provides customizable features to adapt to your specifications. The platform has been developed from scratch based on the patented technology of Sensing Tex to measure pressure patterns and implement pressure maps.

The platform allows the user to measure pressure from different stand points: Movement Analysis, Postural Detection and Biosignals Tracking among other Magnitudes.

The stretchable technology of Sensing Tex allows the Sensing Mat platform to fully customize and meet client requirements in a broad number of applications within Healthcare, Sports and Wellness. It becomes an extremely cost-effective approach for B2B and mass market product development.

Bedding Mat Platform

Discover how to track patterns and enhance your point of sales in bedding applications

Flooring Mat Platform

Discover how to make your smart flooring applications

Seating Mat Platform

Discover how to include advanced solutions for your seating applications

Pressure Mat Platform

Discover how to apply pressure on sensing maps for your general projects

Switch Mat Platform

Discover how to develop simple presence detection applications


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