Sensing Tex’s Co-founder and CEO to give a talk on “Sensing Health, Sensing Mats and Smart Textiles for Preventive Care of Bedridden and Low Mobility Patients” at 11:00 GMT on Nov, 4 2020.

The presentation will introduce Sensing Health, a continuous monitoring Product and Service across the Care continuum from home to Hospitals that provides early detection to help lower risk and improve Bedridden and Low mobility patient care while reducing costs.

The Products have been developed thanks to the eTextiles technology of stretchable circuits and Sensing Mat and Sensing Wear Platforms from Sensing Tex and the latest technology to analyse the raw data based on machine learning and AI.

The products are systems developed for body pressure mapping to recognize body movement, postural analysis and Bio signals in bedding, seating applications in a non-invasive way. Although the platform allows to connect and integrate other sensors.

The conference will describe the different sensors and how they are textile printed and built in the same manufacturing process, the architecture of the whole system and how fully printed eTextiles can be implemented in Large Area non-invasive sensors. Application of machine learning to Raw data of the textile sensors will be also explored.

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E-Textiles 2020: International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles is the second conference to be held by the E-Textiles Network. E-Textiles 2020 will discuss the exciting innovations and challenges in the rapidly emerging field of e-textiles. Topics include textile power supplies, textile sensors and actuators, manufacturing and materials and applications of e-textiles.
The conference includes eight invited speakers, including two keynote speakers from both academia and industry. There will also be the opportunity to view poster presentations, with a best student prize. Conference Proceedings will be published in MDPI Proceedings.
We would like to say thank you to our conference partner Women in Wearables, and to our Technical Programme Committee.
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