The Smartest Sleep Solution 4 Smart Beds
The Sleep Mat Dev Kit was created to provide all the hardware and AI software components needed to design smart bed and sleep tracking solutions
With the Dev Kit, you can create many applications such as remote monitoring of presence, posture and movement analysis,as well as bio signals in bed. You can evaluate patient comfort, determine postural analysis and sleep quality. We deliver with this kit already AI postural analysis and micro and macro Actigraphy

Postural Analysis 

AI Detection of 6 different Positions: Absence, Seating, Lying Flat (supine and prone), Lying Lateral both Right and Left.  Above 95% Accuracy

 Actigraphy 2D

micro and macro

movements correlated with Sleep Phases

Above 95% Accuracy


Seating Mat for Healthcare

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Mattress Mat for Healthcare
The perfect in Bed sensor solution for healthcare