Sensing Tex Introduces The Seat Mat
Focused On Pressure Injuries Prevention

The Problem of Pressure Injuries

Did you know that between 1 and 1.5% of the population worldwide is wheelchair bound? with almost 5 Million in the EU alone. And because of the ageing of the population in most EU countries, this number is expected to grow in time.

Moreover one of the biggest issues that comes with wheelchair users is the rise in the incidence of pressure ulcers, especially in the segment of population with the lowest mobility.

We have developed the smartest solution to tackle this problem!

Innovation and Solution

The objective of this project was the development of Seat Mat, a white label product based on our Seating Mat dev kit 1.8 (current TRL7) to be applied for a wheelchair for pressure ulcer prevention as the main vertical application. The Seat Mat is a TRL8 that will be marketed under the name Seating Mat dev kit 1.9 (Seat Mat). The purpose of the Seat Mat system is to deliver qualitative raw data (from pressure maps) to recognise high quality magnitudes by using latest data analytics, delivering data for tracking postural analysis, detecting hotspots and recommend repositioning.

A smart wheelchair pad connected to a smartphone that monitors the users and gives him recommendations on actions to take to prevent pressure sores from appearing.

A simple architecture that yields great results:

Sync your pad to the app and you’re all set!

Sensing Tex is a young company Headquartered in Barcelona and specialized in developing end to end solutions based on its proprietary Sensing Mat platform for sectors such as Sports, Wellness and Healthcare.

Sensing Tex offers innovative solutions and support to guide customers from the early stage to the manufacturing of integrated finished products combining Sensing Mats with cutting-edge electronic and IT technologies. We work with brands throughout the world and take part in several international projects contributing with know-how, experience, technology and products.

SmartX is one of the most ambitious accelerators programs in the Smart Textiles Industry, their aim is to promote smart textiles innovation to develop an end-to end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe and help drive promising prototypes faster to market. In the first SmartX Europe funding Call there were more than 45 projects belonged to SMEs from all over Europe and our Seat Mat was one of the winners along with eight other projects from 8 different countries. The grant corresponded to 706.000 Euros lump sum distributed among all the winners.

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