Did you know that “21ST Century shoppers are buying experiences over stuffs”? A case study said that more than 52% of Millennials are spending their money on experiences more than products.

From 2019 This trend has increased even more due to the Pandemic. Many people prefer online purchases but what happened if your product it is not so easy to sell online? What if your clients need to try their Mattresses or their Wheelchair Cushion before buying but they still have this feeling of seeking innovative experiences in the stores

How can you make sure of giving them that service?

Well This is why Sensing tex Have Developed SENSING SUIT a POS System & SaaS solution based on the latest algorithms developed thanks to the Raw Data provided by our Pressure Mapping Systems and using latest IT technologies of Computer Vision, machine learning and AI.

Sensing Suit will improve your sales funnel by giving your clients a complete new Customer Experience while showing them their pressure distribution in real time and with a seamless Method

Our sensor solution is non-intrusive, easy to use and powered by a smart software built from the ground up!