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Think it Sensitive, Make it Smart

Sensing Mat Platform by Sensing Tex

Sensing Mat Platform by Sensing Tex is a cutting-edge end-to-end ecosystem to develop customized solutions which requires Big Data touch and pressure sensing heat maps to recognize movement, postures, center of balance or biosignals among other magnitudes. The platform has been designed to provide a cost-effective hardware system based to fulfill our customer requirements in making their pressure mapping applications for bedding, seating and flooring.


Enhance your customer health and guide them to a better quality of life tracking their activities


Get the best of your products to track sport activities or simply having fun with exergaming


Develop amazing medical applications to provide cutting-edge technology to patients and phisicians


If you already know what you want by using pressure mapping in Mats, Sensing Mat Dev Kits are the starting point to take advantage of all the features of the Sensing Mat Platform.

Our Sensing Mats

Develop Your Solution

If It is not clear 100% what you want by using pressure mapping in Mats. Then browse through our website to understand potential applications and discover a new world of possibilities

Develop your Solution

Custom Made

If you think that our Sensing Mat Platform may help you on developing a new product for your B2B or mass market, but you do not figure out how, let us help you to know how


Engineering Support and Advising

We are committed to guide you to get a successful solution for your application. So our Product Development team can become yours in case you need it.

Sensing Tex service concept includes different tasks. We will carry out for you, from designing of the whole solution, Materials Selection, Engineering Support, Project Management and Integration Advise to guarantee the correct interaction. All of it between the different elements and suppliers involved in the end to end solution to avoid failures.

All these activities can be supplied individually or as a full package to adapt to the customer needs.

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