Sensing Tex is a company specialized in developing end to end solutions based on its own patented technology. Providing cutting-edge products and services to clients all around the world

Sensing Tex is company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and specialized in developing end to end solutions based on its own Platforms for sectors such as Healthcare and Mobility

Sensing Tex offers innovative solutions and support to guide our customers from early stages to manufacturing of integrated finished products combining Stretchable Circuits with the cutting-edge electronics and IT such as AI, efge and cloud computing.

Sensing Tex is a company whose products and services have a large international presence around the Globe. The company works with brands throughout the world and takes part of several international projects. We are contributing with our know-how, experience, technology and products.

Sensing Tex Platforms are based on patented technology of Stretchable Circuits developed by our highly skilled team. It has been deployed in hundreds of commercial projects for different applications in B2B and OEM markets. Contributing to their customers success providing hardware, software and support from A to Z.


Our Technology

Our work is based on our propietary deep hardware and software tech developed to provide flexible solutions to feed our customer ideas

How we work

Building successful products & solutions from scratch is made possible by applying a solid methodology to overcome the risks throughout the process and exceed expectations. Let us show you how we do it!

Our Team

Meet the people who made it all possible and bent the laws of nature to develop smart sensing solutions! Want to be the next onboard?

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