Sensing Circuits Platform

Sensing Circuits is our Stretchable circuit technology based on printed electronics

Different types of inks are printed to create circuit boards on stretchable substrates. This combination creates a technology that is cost-effective and allows greater flexibility in terms of design and device options.

A flexible, stretchable and elastic device such as pressure sensing, moisture sensing, etc… is obtained and can be deployed to any type of surface, enabling the detection of sensing and actuator features that may be applied to these surfaces

Stretchable Circuit Technology

The patented technology based on Large Area Printed Electronics, allow Sensing Tex to customize devices up to 3×2 meters in Rapport Printing mode and increase by R2R (roll to roll) or S2S (sheet to sheet) modular configurations

Stretchable Electronics technology allows to create double side, multi-layer circuits, fully printed devices and/or footprints for cold soldering

Any device can be built on stretchable substrate to allow the development of a wide range of solutions requiring flexibility

The manufacturing methodology applied by Sensing Tex reduces the impact in cost in later stages

The technology has been approved by DHSH (EU sustainability principle) as it is based on Advanced Additive Manufacturing (Technology 4.0)

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