How we Work

Sensing Tex focuses its activity on smart textile development, production and commercialization; from research into new materials and technology to delivery of finished and semi-finished (OEM) products to the market.


We are continually developing new technologies and solutions, based on printed electronics, with the objective of creating electronic fabrics which retain their original textile properties: flexible, comfortable and washable.


Using our technology, we develop products which can be used directly or integrated into clients' products, where we design innovative solutions based on our clients' requirements.


We arrange production of the textile product for our clients and guarantee the most competitive service with maximum quality. Our facilities include among other equipment: S2S Screen printing, Laser Cutting, Automatic assembly Units, Pick&Place Equipment. We do have an extensive expertise in production of printed electronics.


In addition to our research and development of clients' products, we also offer a range of finished or semi-finished products.


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