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    Mattress Mat Dev Kit 1.9

    The Mattress Mat Dev Kit has been set up to provide all the required hardware and software elements to design bedding products to fulfill the client needs in applying its features to the wellness and healthcare sectors. Based on the Dev Kit, many applications can be developed such as:
    • Remote monitoring of presence postures or movement of a patient on the bed
    • Evaluation of patient comfort, identification of pressure risk areas
    • Tracking of sleep quality by monitoring biosignals, postures and/ or movement
    • Recommendation, in points of sales, for the most suitable mattress to satisfy customer sleeping needs
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    Sleep Mat Dev Kit 1.9

    The Sleep Mat Dev Kit was created to provide all the hardware and software components needed to design smart bed and sleep tracking solutions. It will cater to clients in the consumer health and wellness industries. With the Dev Kit, you can create many applications such as remote monitoring of presence, posture and movement, as well as biosignals in bed. By tracking biosignals the postures, movements, and pad can also evaluate patient comfort, determine postural analysis, actigraphy, and evaluate sleep quality. We deliver with this kit already AI postural analysis and actigraphy Get in touch with our team for more info

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